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XRef-FT installation in a FT-897D

22 November, 2016 - Reading time: 3 minutes

I recently sold my IC-7000 to "upgrade?" to a FT-897D. This radio seemed to be more suited for my needs of using digital modes, including WSPR and portability (current consumption).

To use WSPR, one needs to have good stability during the 2 minute TX cycle. The IC7000 had a high stability TCXO as standard, however this used to drift during transmit cycles due to the fan blowing air over it, resulting in a "banana" trace, especially at 2m. The rig would also get hot running just 5 watts. To fix these issues, I wanted to GPS lock my 897D. Thanks to Peter 7PD, an XRef-FT was sourced. Below are photos of the installation.

Original stock OEM reference in the FT-897D.

XRef-FT installed in it's place. I used flexible RG-174 coax to connect to the board. 

Cable was routed as shown and passed through to the other side of the radio just under the DC connector.

The cable coming out the other end. Note I drilled a hole in the battery compartment cover for an RCA connector. This is the connection out of the radio. RCA connector was used for easy disconnect, one hole to drill and was what I had in the spares box. This was the easiest method as the battery compartment cover comes all the way off the radio, it's thin, and avoids getting metal shavings in the radio. Since I won't be using the portable battery compartment it wasn't an issue mounting here.

Job done.

On air tests with Joe seem to say it's working. 0 drift.