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VK7RTC gets a new antenna & VK7RHF update

17 November, 2015 - Reading time: ~1 minute

On Monday 16th of November, Michael 7MRS and myself travelled to Mt.Wellington to replace the single SMD with a Polar 354 6dB vertical.

The SMD was removed and the vertical put in place. All seems to be working well, with an increase in coverage areas that had fringe spots.

Unfortunately in the haste to get back down the mountain, no photo of the antenna was taken, however another one of the rack was, with me plugging the KL back in.


I have also installed a fan system on the VK7RHF transmitter to hopefully keep the PA cool. The 80mm fan on top pushes air onto the PA, while the two 40mm fans in the front panel extract.


Visiting the site yesterday and took some photos of the current antenna setup at VK7RTC.