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VK7RML - Mount Lloyd

16 September, 2015 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Mount Lloyd is located near New Norfolk in Tasmania's South East.

There is one 70cm UHF repeater located on this site.

  • 439.950MHz Output, 434.950MHz Input
  • 141.3Hz CTCSS tone is required to access. 

Permanently linked directly to VK7RAA on Mount Barrow & VK7RCH on Grey Mountain. Indirectly through VK7RAA linked to VK7RTC on Mount Wellington.

Current Setup

In 2013, a Unilab was acquired. The link to VK7RAA from Grey Mt needed to be moved, and provide further coverage to the Derwent Valley which also, like the Huon Valley is an RF blackspot.

An APRS digipeater was also switched on to provide coverage to the Derwent Valley. A TNC-X and X-Digi board were purchased, built up and put onto a PRM8010.

  • Repeater Radio: Unilab KL-450 (transmitter - 50W output, receiver - 0.25uV for 12dB SINAD)
    Link Radio: AWA M8 on 147.000MHz (VK7RAA)
  • Controller: NHRC-4 with NHRC-Squelch board on receiver. 
  • Duplexer & Cavities:

- Four can DB products band pass-reject cans, 100dB notch @ 5MHz split for 1.5dB IL - Repeater
- Single bandpass can on link to VK7RAA
- Single bandpass can on APRS digipeater

APRS Digipeater: PRM8010 with TNC-X (X-Digi board) running v3.0 firmware.

- 8 stack binary dipole array - UHF Repeater Antenna
- Four element Hills yagi pointing at Mt.Barrow for link to VK7RAA
- Folded dipole for APRS


Some Photos