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VK7RHF TX up and running

23 December, 2015 - Reading time: ~1 minute

On Friday 18th of Dec, Damien 7SD and myself went to install the VK7RHF transmit site to install "one half" of the repeater. The repeater was installed in the rack, and cables run. We had some issues with mounting the 10M antenna, so left that for another install day.

On Monday 23rd, Michael 7MRS and myself returned to the site to complete installing the antennas. Both the Stationmaster and a UHF folded dipole were installed, cables run, and the system tested. Below are some photos of the completed installation. The system was being tested on the afternoon when a VK2 popped up on the repeater output asking how to access the repeater, so it has already gathered some interest outside of VK7.

Thanks to Michael and Damien for all their hard work.