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Trying to predict Sporadic E MUF rising on 2m

12 January, 2017 - Reading time: 3 minutes

On 12/01/17 a large number of stations started to be reported on 6 metres WSPR. At around 0913UTC I received a text message from a local amateur who was hearing Tamworth Airport on 123.8MHz ATIS (1370km).

DXMaps at the time was reporting a MUF of around 80MHz. Having a look at the 6m spots at this time showed an interesting thing.

Extremely strong signals. These were the only three spots recorded for this distance, everything was over 800km, or under 160km (local). This I just guess goes to prove that the E layer can increase it's MUF in an instant, and for very very short durations. 

Have a look below, this is the path from 3WE to 2HC. Note the midpoint of the path, roughly SE of Canberra.

Now lets compare with the path from Hobart to Tamworth. Note that the midpoint of the above path crosses almost exactly over the Hobart to Tamworth path, probably just past halfway. This is probably a single hop E skip on 126MHz. I didn't have 2m WSPR running at the time, and there were no operators or beacons regardless in the area.