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The #1 GMRS Radio - Baofeng UV-5G Plus

10 December, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute

A mysterious green button has appeared on the front of the newest Baofeng - the UV-5G Plus GMRS Radio from Radioddity. The UV-5G+ GMRS radio has new features, upgrades, color screen plus more!

👉 1 Pack $34.99: (Amazon Affiliate) https://geni.us/m3TB6

👉 2 Pack $68.99: (Amazon Affiliate) https://geni.us/PUQkk

or...get a further 💰 $15 OFF directly at Radioddity (use code: FRIEND-Z6VBVLB - min $65 purchase) http://radioddity.refr.cc/haydenvk7hh