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Sporadic E opening 31 Jan to ZL

31 January, 2017 - Reading time: ~1 minute

On the evening of 31st January there was a small opening to ZL on 6m as indicated by my WSPR reports - although not overly strong. Several mainland stations were working across the Tasman on 6m. I tuned to ZL2WHO/B on 50.024MHz and had a clean 5/6 report on it.

As the 6m yagi was already pointing that way I decided to leave the 2m radio running on ZL2WHO/B on 144.271MHz JT4D, not expecting anything to come about. At 0822 UTC a short burst from the beacon came through and decoded at -16. Screenshot below.

The trace is quite clearly visible. Hepburn charts indicated at the time some intense tropo off the coast of ZL.

Distance is 2,381.9 km. Also below is the WSPR signal spots over to ZL at the time. Notice the two really strong signals either side from 3WE to ZL. This path is difficult to estimate short skip Es as there is no stations 300-700km off the coast of Tasmania.