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More tropo openings - weekend of 18th/19th March

20 March, 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Hepburn indicated good tropo conditions across the Tasman and Bass Strait over the weekend of 18th/19th of March. On Friday beforehand I got confirmation that ZL3TY would be operating from the west coast of ZL beaming VK. 

He received spots from VK7MO, VK3OE and VK3WE. At the time 7MO worked him on JT65. I am about 20km from Rex, but did not hear him with a slightly worse path. The duct was predicted to intensify on Sunday morning, unfortunately ZL3TY was not to be seen reporting on the WSPR map so no contacts were made.

VK3 did provide a good path and there was strong inland tropo over Tasmania. I could hear LAFM from Launceston on 89.3MHz whilst driving around town very strong. I could hear for the first time audible VK3RGI on 144.434MHz. WSPR signals were also consistent from VK3WE and VK3DUT. Interestingly though, not as strong as I have heard them before or stronger than the beacon, and 3WE was beaming toward me.

Some interesting spots here. 7PD as far as I know was pointing North away from me. I also got spots to 7DW who I believe was only running a vertical. The most interesting one though was VK3OE who is in Melbourne, over the Central Highlands - a very difficult path indicating it was a really high duct on Sunday morning.