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Listening to the International Space Station (ISS) repeater using a Icom IC-705

30 September, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

The International Space Station (ISS) is equip with an onboard FM repeater in the amateur radio bands.

I tried listening for the repeater to see if I could hear it on my Icom IC-705.

The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) announcement:

"The ARISS team is pleased to announce that set up and installation of the first element of our next generation radio system was completed and amateur radio operations with it are now underway"

"Initial operation of the new radio system is in FM cross band repeater mode using an uplink frequency of 145.990 MHz with an access tone [CTCSS] of 67 Hz and a downlink frequency of 437.800 MHz".