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Interesting 6 metre DX

22 September, 2019 - Reading time: ~1 minute

This morning I was randomly checking the 6 metre WSPR results for my station and I noticed the following:

Why is this interesting? Well let's show all the stations on a map.

Notice how the stations are evenly spread out. The red circles are estimated midpoints of the path. If this was Sporadic E (remember we are still only just into Spring here in VK) then there was potentially three clouds that had formed or, a really intense cloud somewhere over the north of Tasmania which was allowing 6 metre signals to be much shorter than normal. You'll notice the signals to VK3DXE and VK3II were in the + range at around 550km. Of note is that the above stations only received one spot from me at this time of 04:44 (2.45pm local).

Just another example of how WSPR finds potential openings that would otherwise remain undiscovered.