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Icom IC-7300 SETUP for WSJT/FT8 Digital Modes (Easy and Simple)

6 June, 2021 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Got a Icom IC-7300 you want to use on digital? I will show you exactly how to setup your Icom IC-7300 for use with WSJT-X and other digital modes such as FT8.

These are my settings on my radio that work perfectly for WSJT-X.

See below details on CI-V control and Split

The baudrate you use in WSJT-X is dependant on if CI-V USB Port is set to Unlink from [Remote] or Link to [Remote].

Link to [Remote] = Use the CI-V Baud Rate on Page 1 of the CI-V menu

Unlink from [Remote = Use the CI-V USB Baud Rate on Page 2 of the CI-V Menu

When setting Split in WSJT-X

"Either method (Rig or Fake it) will result in a cleaner transmitted signal, by keeping the Tx audio always in the range 1500 to 2000 Hz so that audio harmonics cannot pass through the Tx sideband filter"