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Ham Radio DX visit to REAST Inc - Ham Radio Club

5 September, 2019 - Reading time: ~1 minute

In tonight's livestream we discuss 3.4 GHz panels, the Icom IC 9700 and IC 705 radios and how they will benefit ham radio operators. Also a small demonstration on Ardunio.

Justin VK7TW and Hayden VK7HH went through the RD contest and the upcoming mods to the 3.4 GHz panels.

Then Ron joined Justin to discuss all things Ardunio. Rex VK7MO and Justin then finished off discussing the VK7 to VK7 EME contact, the IC-9700 and new IC-705 radios.

We then moved to the main room of the club to take a tour of the transverters currently running on 3.4 GHz and to modify Justin's panel.