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The $13 Ham Radio Balloon That Cost the US Military $400,000!

23 February, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Have you ever heard of a ham radio balloon causing a major expense for the military? In this video, we'll explore the surprising story of how a $13 ham radio balloon has potentially led to a major expense to the US military. Don't miss out on this intriguing tale of a ham radio balloon gone wrong!

Original Story 👉 https://www.space.com/mystery-object-shot-down-yukon-amateur-ballloon

Track Balloons 👉 https://sondehub.org/

Live TV from a Balloon 👉 https://youtube.com/live/5vYcVRWrdhs?feature=share

More about ham radio balloons 👉https://vepimg.b8cdn.com/uploads/vjfnew/1073/content/images/1596949203send-an-amateur-radio-balloon-around-the-world-bill-brown-wb8elk-pdf1596949203.pdf