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An 8 element LFA on 2 metres

24 December, 2018 - Reading time: 3 minutes

With the success of my 11 element 2m LFA, I decided to build a smaller 8 element out of spare material I had here at home whilst waiting for the propagation to pickup (note I'm still waiting on you E-Layer!).

The idea behind it was to build a yagi for either portable use, or to replace the 7 element YU7EF at the remote station to see how it performs. I chose the 8 element model detailed on G0SKC's website.

Justin had the details for using 6mm and 13mm tubing, however I only had 6.35mm and 10mm on hand, so I popped the figures into MMANA and rescaled for my material.

The antenna pattern looked good, note the near 30dB F/B ratio and reduced sidelobes. Comparing this to the 7 element I have at the remote station showed a significant improvement. Red is the LFA, Blue is the YU7EF on the remote station.

Anyway... enough theory. I managed to build this up in an afternoon. I took my time measuring and cutting the elements. Some photos.

Another good build requiring little to no adjustment to obtain a decent match. Now to find a place to use it!!