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About Ham Radio DX

Want to learn more about the awesome hobby of Ham Radio?

I'm Hayden VK7HH and welcome to my blog - Ham Radio DX. I live in Australia and have had an interest in electronics since an early age and have been a licenced amateur radio operator since I was 13. The content on this channel will hopefully inspire you to delve into and learn more about the ham radio hobby, electronics and technology in general. I will also be posting tutorials, reviews and tips.

My main interests are in digital modes such as WSPR or FT8 using WSJT-X, VHF and above propagation and microwave experimentation. I also maintain and run several ham radio repeater stations. 


Above is a screenshot of a Sporadic E opening that occured in 2018. Note the furthest distance out to E51WL in the Solomon Islands!

IMG_5497 Above are antennas on 2m, 70cm and 23cm. The 23cm antenna also has a SG Lab preamp and 25W PA mounted in the box just below the antenna. In Feb 2020 this was used to set the current VK 1296 MHz record at 2458.7km beating the previously held record by 3.6km that had stood since 1986.