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A Voting Repeater?

25 November, 2015 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Recently I have acquired a voting system which can be employed into our repeater system in South. 

Essentially the system continually monitors multiple receivers, both local and remotely over UHF link and "votes" or passes audio from the channel with the best S/N ratio.

A prime example for use of this type of system is on Mt.Wellington. Maybe a solution to my earlier post? Mt.Wellington is the highest repeater site in Southern Tasmania, and as such is the location of all major high power broadcast transmitters. This can cause measurable noise floor and desensitisation issues. On 70cm we are quite fortunate that with good equipment, proper filters and proper frequency selection we do not have too many troubles.

However 2m is a different story. Perhaps I can write up my experiences with 2m in a future blog post. In any case I did another Splat! model to see what the coverage would be like from using Mt.Wellington as a 2m transmitter/receiver site with "fill in" remote 2m receivers at VK7RCH and VK7RHF. Of course this is receiver performance (i.e. how well it would hear). There would still be times and issues with users who can get into the repeater, but not hear it properly no doubt.

It does however, make for easily listening when all signals can potentially be pretty much noise free, especially low powered handhelds in the city, or in a building.

2m Splat! combined model - lots of green and yellow :)

2m Transmitter path loss only plot from Mt.Wellington