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2m WSPR to VK4 - 26/11/16

26 November, 2016 - Reading time: 2 minutes

On Friday 25th of November 2016, Sporadic E opened up with huge signals on 6 metres initially, then extending to 2m around midday. VK3's were regularly working VK4 on 144.1, as ZL in addition. Unfortunately the radio was left on 6 metres at home while I attended work. Whilst I still got some good signals on 6 metres, I was annoyed that I did not leave the radio on 2m WSPR before leaving for work as the Sporadic E may of extended further South.

Well I didn't have to wait long. More in hope, on Saturday 26th I left the radio on 144.489MHz before leaving for the morning. Again around midday I started to receive messages from 2KRR and 3DXE saying I had a spot from VK4, and whether it was correct or not. Once I got home, I checked the WSPR database....

Timestamp                 Call          MHz       SNR   Drift      Grid      Pwr      Reporter    RGrid      km      az

2016-11-26 01:02    VK4ALF 144.490508 -24       0       QG63lk   0.5       VK7HH    QE36mx  1907    195

Checked Spectran screenshot....


You can see 4ALF's trace at 1500Hz. It then went dead for another hour or so. FK8 was being reported in VK3, but no sign of them here on WSPR. VK4CZ then started to appear and several spots were exchanged over the course of 15 mins or so.

Best report was by VK4CZ reporting my signal at -14dB at 1822km. I was running 100W with no preamp.

Out of interest - these were the signals at the same time on 6 metres.

Notice the massive signal at the same time between 2EFM and 2KRR and the short distance of 440km.

Plenty of short skip distances around the same time as the 4CZ contacts started, although not overly too strong.